Family & Anxiety

The day is here. my brothers are coming to our home today to look at what needs to be done to get the house ready for sale. i haven’t seen any member of my family is nearly 6 years. So many reasons for that. Phone calls have been rough, as i’ve written about in the last few weeks. my heart is in my throat and anxiety is through the roof!!! Klonopin already taken. There’s more if i need it!!!! Daddy’s taking a quick nap before they get here. Any plans after a graveyard shift are dicey for Him. Lack of sleep is hard on all of us!!!!

The house is as clean as it’s gonna get. lol i look fantastic!!!! *cheesy grin* Hair is done, make up is stunning. i have on one of Daddy’s favorite outfits. These two brothers are the ones who have made so many negative comments about my body and looks it’s unreal. They can kiss my ass!!!!! When Daddy gets up, His collar is going on. 😉 i can’t wait. It’s like a safety blanket. A reminder that i’m His and He won’t let anyone or anything hurt me.

The dogs are being so good!!! They know something’s up, but don’t know what.

The countdown is on. 59 minutes til the doorbell rings. Ugh. i can do this. Daddy will keep everything under control. ♥ Andddd…. i can always take the boys for a walk if i need to get out.

5 thoughts on “Family & Anxiety

    1. I’m not really sure. lol Kissing my ass was the absolute last thing that happened today. *sigh* It went better than I expected, but not by much. Once again, they’re trying to bully me into stuff like move out of my home in 4 weeks so they can get things done as quickly as possible with no regard whatsoever to my/our well being. Doing things the “right” way just doesn’t matter. Thankfully, I have a lawyer ready to go. Hope to see him early next week. 😉


      1. Good. I mean you what to move 3000 miles and out of their lives forever. Why would inconveniencing them now by a few weeks matter? But I know these aren’t ratiinal people.

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      2. Exactly!!! It’s not even an inconvenience for them. They’re just being asses, per usual. Thank goodness I have a lawyer lined up to help me! One of them is accusing me of stealing from the trust. That’s impossible! I’m not the trustee. I don’t have access to the little funds there are in the trust account. Anywho…. it’s going to be ok. My lawyer last time shut him the fuck up… all of them!! This will be no different.


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