Deep Cleaning

Ugh! It’s Saturday afternoon and i’m half way through deep cleaning the house. Floors swept & mopped. Beds stripped and linens in the wash. All of our personal laundry done. The desk cleaned out and reorganized. A few piles of things taken out to the trash which i’ve been procrastinating on for some time now. Bathrooms freshened up and swapped out decorative towels and shower curtains for a “new” look. (We have a stack of choices which i swap in and out of use.) Cleared out some of the clutter from the “craft room/office”, which has become the junk drawer of our home.

Being cooped up in the house in this cold, rainy weather inspires me to get busy doing stuff i put off after a bit. lol Most of this is normal housework, though i’m going a step or two beyond my normal day-to-day cleaning. i’m not happy sitting around. Busy and active are good!!!

This week will be incredibly busy for us. We meet with a trust attorney on Monday who’s taken our case at a rate we can afford…… FINALLY!!!! Months of struggle and despair are nearing and end with this gentleman’s assistance. Wednesday my brothers (2 of the 3) are coming over to look at the house so we can begin planning for repairs and such. The boys want me gone, but i’m not willing to leave MY home so that the one who can’t be respectful can come into my home! With Daddy here… all will be well.

Yes, the stuff in the last paragraph is inspiring me to get stuff done i’ve been putting off. Can’t just close the door forever. lol Literally and figuratively. The craft room door is just kept shut! πŸ˜›

Better wrap this up so i can get the last couple things done before i totally run out of steam and motivation to get stuff done.

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