Screaming O’s


At last Thursday night was upon us! Daddy & kitten time. 😉 Let me just say that the wait was so worth it!!! *giggling* Two hours and 5 orgasms later i lay in Daddy’s arms shaking gasping for breath. Once i’d begun the descent to the here and now, i looked up at Daddy and whispered, “i told You i was in the mood!” Daddy belly laughed, squeezing me tighter with a kiss on my forehead before mimicking one of His favorite kitten moments, “i told You to be careful, Daddy!” (i’d been teasing Him with a bumble bee chip clip which i eventually pulled His arm hair with.)

Sensory deprivation is one of my favorite things. Blindfolds… MMMMMM!!!!! i asked Daddy if we could incorporate it into our play….. along with the new paddle. *giggling* i got so much more than i asked for. Daddy took things to levels i was sooo not expecting!!!!

Face down ass up waiting for the paddle. Daddy groaned His approval before the first strike landed. A couple more before the sharp sting sent tingles through my kitten parts as He struck there. A whole new experience for me!!! OMG!!! i didn’t know i had that kind of moan in me. Moments later i was begging for a few more on my kitten parts.

Licking, sucking, fucking. It was so good the details are lost. 5 orgasms practically right on top of each other, all i really remember was screaming and biting Daddy’s shoulder and arm as i writhed uncontrollably. Again, not something i’ve ever done before. Intensity just too much. Daddy was well taken care of, tooooo!! He couldn’t speak for quite some time (just like me).

It was quite some time before i could get up. Dizzy, shaking, weak…. little. Oh so little with my cuddly sweet side at the forefront needing Daddy close touching me constantly. Strawberry popsicles were necessary! *giggling*

We’re both a bit tired today. 😉 Daddy said we wore each other out. *giggles* me thinks He’s right! Hopefully round 2 will be soon!!! ♥

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