Master in the Real World

The last couple days have been incredibly emotional with Daddy doing a fair amount of mop off after phone calls with my brother, C. Today He took the reigns and went in Master mode in the real world dealing with my brother. A huge sigh of relief rushed over me as i no longer had to hold it together and have Him patch me up after being overwhelmed and bullied.

Daddy watched me cry on the phone yesterday and spent a fair amount of time patching me back together and feeling safe and supported once again. A quick phone call with C this morning left me reeling and overwhelmed. No tears, no total frustration. Just feeling pushed into having our home opened to both my brother TOMORROW without asking if this works for us and the two of us gone while they’re here. As i told Daddy rapid fire what went on, He stopped me and just said, “No. This isn’t happening.” and took charge.

i breathed a huge sigh of relief as He made plans with C and set the tone for how things will be handled in the future. C prides himself for being “The Bull” and getting his way in all situations. Push back doesn’t happen often and when it does, it’s squelched. Daddy is like this also. Daddy’s word is final and will not be disrespected.

Daddy repeated Himself three times as C pushed back against His denial to enter our home tomorrow without regard to our life and plans. Daddy made it very clear who’s in charge and that C will not get his way just by bullying and pushing harder. YESSSSSS!!!

Daddy used strategic language with C in rescheduling the appointment for next week: “Jodie has full authority to set a time for next week. I’ll be sleeping when you call.” The phone call confirming plans this evening was very different than the ones i’ve had previously. “Does noon work for Stephen?”, “Will Stephen be there with L (other brother) and me?”. “Please let me know if it works for the three of us (Daddy, me and C) to sit down and discuss things after we do the walk through.” The order of things has been established. There’s a man in charge who sets the rules and tone of how things operate in our home. *wink, wink* i am no longer able to be pushed around because it’s not in my nature to keep pushing back.

When all of this began just before Christmas, Daddy and i discussed using formal M/s protocol in dealings with my family to the extent of me wearing my locked collar in all face-to-face interactions. In my mind, at first, the idea was fun for the shock value along with Daddy commanding respect. Daddy gave me a little room to wiggle and saw that every interaction with them set me spinning into an emotional disaster and gently put His foot down. Now that the process has begun of Him settling the protocols of dealing with both of us, i want nothing more than for Him to be the Master He is.

Daddy is always in full protective mode when we are out or i am dealing with something. He’s always close and watching to step in when needed. Part of our dynamic is supporting me in being independent and doing the things i want and need to be the best i can, while always being there to help when i need Him. This is part of the beauty of the D/s lifestyle.

In the course of our relationship, He has learned what areas i need to Him to always be my Master and stand in to guide and protect. i told Him early on, in our courtship, that my family was one of those areas. He allowed me to try 4 times before stepping in. i needn’t ask. He knows His little one well and when i need Him to handle things. This is part of what makes Him such a wonderful Daddy.

He decided that all interaction with my family will follow strict protocol. He will set the parameters around contact with me and what decisions He will make. His word is final in regards to me and our home. i will wear His collar (with padlock) in all our face-to-face interactions.

Tonight, i am feeling grateful beyond words that i have a Daddy in my life who handles the hard things, set limits for me, protects me and is always in charge. So many years i’ve wanted a relationship like this, but didn’t know what to call it or where to look. Being submissive is so much easier when i have a strong Daddy to support me and make sure i am always safe. Being a Dom is so much more than kinky play and rules and protocols for the sake of rules. All of Daddy’s rules are there so He can take the best care of me possible.

Thank You, Daddy~Mastah. ♥ i love You!

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