Beef Stew Simmering

It’s cold and really rainy here today. It started raining in the middle of the night. Grumpy was pretty funny. He barked at the rain and kept running to the door (Ruffi, too) to protect the house from the big, bad rain. lol Thunder gets me. None yet this season, thankfully. Anyhow, it’s perfect stew weather.

Beef stew loaded with veggies and citrus. Yes, I said citrus! It’s amazing. Browned the meat in GF flour, added water, a small can of tomato sauce, frozen carrots and broccoli and chopped up a few Russet potatoes. Then I hit the spice cabinet adding garlic powder, salt and pepper, a couple Bay leaves, sweet paprika and cinnamon. Here’s where it gets fun! Oven cooked bacon, a full pound! (The grease set the smoke detector off! GRRRRR!!!!) Diced up a couple of pears and squeezed 2 big oranges in the pot. Simmer, simmer, simmer.

The house smells sooo good!!! Daddy’s still sleeping. His last shift of the week… graveyard. I’m about to get myself a bowl and some yummy, crusty bread and butter.

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