First Paddle

Date day with Daddy brought about some unexpected fun. 😉 He talked about finding a leash to match my collar a few days ago, so a trip to the local sex shop was in order today. Today there would be no leash, but an even better treat. *giggling*

Wandering through the store we came across this lovely paddle on the far back wall. 😉 We’re just starting on our impact play journey beyond Daddy’s big hand. The soft, pliable leather paddle lined with burgundy fur on one side and matching velvet on the other was the ideal beginners toy to bring home.

Sex Mischief Paddle trial run on my bare bottom 😉

Hardly in the front door, Daddy had me hike my skirt up for a couple trial swats. *giggling* i love it!!!! Daddy does, too… 😉

Hopefully there will be much exploration with our newest toy! New adventures are always fun.

4 thoughts on “First Paddle

    1. It’s awesome! *giggling* After 2 rounds of spankings, I can say that I have a good idea of what it’ll do and the after effects. The burn is nice after. 😀 The second round, Daddy had a good feel for it and let loose. A couple hours later and I can still feel the residual sting.


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