Shopping for Master

Master looked disappointed His favorite foods weren’t in the house for His lunch today. She smiled, “May i go to the store and get them for You?”. He nodded His approval, stroked her face telling her what a good girl she is.

She never leaves the house without looking her best. She belongs to Master Mick and He takes pride in all He owns, she is no different. Hair and make up done. She slips into a wine colored suede mini skirt, long sleeve plaid flannel shirt unbuttoned almost to the point of being indecent in matching tones, knee highbrown suede boots and a sleek silver bomber jacket. Master Mick clipped a raccoon tail embellishment to her purse which is quite the statement piece.

She shopping center is busy! Parking is hard to come by. She parked at the other end of the strip mall taking her time strolling through her errands. Permission was granted to stop in her favorite little shop. Master Mick gave her a gift certificate for Christmas. He told her, “Buy yourself something nice today” as she walked out the door.

Always thinking of her Master, she purchased a puzzle they’d looked at together a few times and thought it would be fun to do. Route 66. What a fun cold winter activity that would be to put together. Slipping around the corner, she picked up a white round butter bowl with lid and knife she’d been eyeing for a while, but couldn’t quite decide on. She picked it up and was headed to the cashier when a pair of boot socks with a lace cuff caught her eye. Without a second thought, she picked them up.

Full bag in hand, she headed for the busy market. She hates going to the market over the weekend! Today it was a joy for her to go and please her Master knowing His day would be easier by her sacrifice. Locally owned and mostly organic, the store was packed on a Saturday morning in Northern California. Shoulder-to-shoulder barely able to maneuver the aisles, she made her way to the deli for His favorites. Roast beef and ham made in-store are to die for! Two items and she ready to go.

She stood in line thinking of making Master Mick’s lunch before He leaves for work, debating if she should get donuts or not. This donut shop is so good! An older woman, late 50’s or early 60’s, is staring at her. Make eye contact, smile and move along. Each time she looks up or turns from her day dreaming, the woman is staring intently. Today, she noticed the attention and went about her business without another thought. It’s been some time since a woman has given her that hungry, lustful stare.

Nearing the donut shop, she changed her mind and walked in the door. The aroma and short line changed her mind. A buttermilk bar and blueberry fritter to share with Master Mick came home with her. Afternoon now, her jacket was too warm. She slipped it off putting it over her arm while waiting for her receipt. Turning to leave, oblivious to the rest of the world, she hears a man say “I like your outfit.” Snapping back into the world, there’s a very attractive young man in his early 30’s looking at her appreciatively. “What?” she asks, obvious that his statement hadn’t totally registered the first time. “I love your outfit.”, he repeated. “That jacket and tail are…. fantastic.” Her cheeks burned, matching her shirt, “Thanks!”. He watched her leave the shop and walk away.

There was a new spring in her step as she headed home. Belonging to Master Mick fills her life with so much joy. He never fails to compliment her and remind her just how beautiful she is. His words and opinion matter most. Yet, something about an attractive younger man appreciating her made her proud. She thought to herself, “i still have it…”. Of course, her Master loves knowing that other’s look at her desiring what they can never have. She belongs to Him and Master Mick doesn’t share!

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