Obedient Slut (18+ ONLY)

Daddy had just left for work. Long hours ahead of me before His return. i looked around the house at the catch up housework after the weekend. Our weekends together are my off time, too. Few chores or expectations aside from being available to spend every moment possible with Daddy. This has been His command since early in our life together.

“i’m cleaning the house, Daddy” i messaged Him as our chatting began. “Good girl. What chores are you doing tonight?” There wasn’t a ton to do, mostly maintenance stuff. “The floors downstairs, dishes, and scrubbing out the fridge. Ugh!” i replied. i could see Him shaking His head with a loving smile, “Oh kitten” as i complained about the fridge. He knows His kitten!!!

Typically, Daddy tells me not to do too much. Pushing myself too hard and overdoing it are things i do exceptionally well. He’s been consistent with limits and helping me regulate my activity long enough that He decided to push me a little bit. That nudge not to get too comfy in Daddy’s willingness to give me a pass when i fall short of a goal.

“Don’t forget the baseboards” He instructed me. my eyes opened wide as a smile spread across my face, “Yes, Sir”. Just those simple words made me tingle all over and slip further into submission and desiring to please Him. “Anything else, Daddy?” His response was slow to come this time. Patience isn’t always my strong suit, though i know He’s at work and chatting with me as He can. “Slip your panties off and take a picture to show me you’re scrubbing the baseboards as I directed. I want to see your bare bottom”. Before i’d finished reading the message i’d slipped out of my panties. i couldn’t wait to begin cleaning the house! “They’re off, Daddy. i’ll start cleaning now.”

i moved the bucket of warm, soapy water around the house with me as i scoured the tile floors on my bare knees. my pussy was so wet it was hard to think about anything else. Fortunately, my task was mindless, so completing His orders was easy enough.

A message came for Daddy asking for a status report. An hour had gone by. “i’ve finished the floors and am starting the baseboards, Sir.” Within seconds, “That’s My good girl. Take the picture now, kitten.” Quickly in position, i struggled, contorting myself to take just the right shot for Him showing my creamy bare ass under my skirt as i scrubbed the baseboards. Photo sent. “RAWRRRRR!!!! Now go put your butt plug in for Me and play with your pussy just until you’re about to cum. DO NOT CUM UNTIL I TELL YOU!” i was so turned on i could barely respond, “Yes, Master” before going up to obey His command.

my pussy was so wet i rubbed the plug in my cunt juices for lube before sliding it into my ass. OMG!! i was already on the edge. Left middle finger circling my swollen slippery clit in tiny circles. i couldn’t help but moan, hips beginning to gyrate. i was on the verge of cumming when i stopped. The ache was almost unbearable!

i told Daddy the update. i was a good girl and didn’t whine about how achy my cunt was and my nipples hard, pressing against the fabric of my blouse making it worse. His response was totally unexpected! “MMMMMMMMM… you’re such a good little slut! Continue on your chores. Stop every 20 minutes to edge using your vibrator on high only on your clit. No penetration. Remember… DO NOT CUM UNTIL I TELL YOU.”

i clenched my pussy tight to slow the pulsing and dull the ache. FUCK, i thought. i can’t do this. i knew i could, but it was going to be a struggle to obey this command. i’m always His good girl… i can’t let Him down this time. “Yes, Sir. Thank You” was all i could muster in response.

Baseboards scrubbed in no time. Watching the clock closely to follow His order to the letter. 20 minutes gone by. Dropping everything, leaning back still kneeling, skirt hiked up i put the vibrator on my clit. High speed buzzing and pulsing my clit til i was dizzy. The ache in my knees from the tile floor was gone. i couldn’t resist teasing my nipples! He didn’t say anything about that. i was starting to cum. OH FUCK!!! i struggled to stop, barely succeeding not to cum. Back to my chores.

Washing the dishes was next on my agenda. There weren’t many. Only breakfast dishes from that morning waiting for me. God, it was time again! Standing at the sink, i hiked my skirt up again. Spreading my legs i put the vibrator to my aching clit. Instinct kicked in and i pressed it deeper against my clit for maximum effect rubbing it in circles. Head thrown back, knees starting to shake i pinched my right nipple hard between my thumb and forefinger twisting and pulling it. Almost cumming again, i stopped.

This time i messaged Daddy, begging Him. “Please Daddy??!! It hurts to bad…. please Daddy, please?!” i know Daddy, He was grinning ear-to-ear. He loves it when i beg. Begging just means i’ll suffer longer now that He knows just how bad i want and need to cum. “Please Daddy, what? Tell Me, kitten.” Typing was so hard! i could barely think straight, let alone use words and type. “May i cum, Daddy? Please? PLEASE?!?!?” i begged. “Not yet, kitten. Not until Daddy orders you to cum for Him. Continue with your tasks. What do you have left to do?” i told Him and was obedient though i ached so bad!!

Each time got more difficult to stop and excruciatingly painful when i delayed orgasm. All tasks complete. 2 hours left til He gets home. “i finished all the tasks, Daddy. What now?” i honestly thought He would give me a reprieve so i’d at least stop aching soo badly. Nope! How wrong i was. He made it worse upping the ante.

“Good. Now that you’re finished with your chores, take off all your clothes, spread out on our bed watching your favorite porn and edge constantly til Daddy gets home. DO NOT CUM!! Play with your nipples for Daddy and tease MY pussy until I get home. you may not stop playing with yourself until I get home. Stop touching your pussy only long enough to keep yourself from cumming. Understand?” After getting undressed and on our bed, i replied, “Yes, Daddy….” and began the non-stop masturbation ordered.

Daddy knows well what porn i like. Girl-on-girl nipple licking and sucking is at the top. Throw in a bit of bondage and age play in an inappropriate context and i’m hard pressed not to cum even without hours of edging before. Rough nipple play interspersed with intense non-stop flicks of a hot, wet tongue across the tip drive me insane. It’s what i like and watching it just…… MMMMMMMMMM!

Videos started and my cunt is dripping and aching. my nipples are screaming for Daddy’s tongue and the rough tug of His fingers. If i touched my pussy i’d cum instantly and couldn’t top it no matter how hard i tried. Teasing my nipples with my well practiced fingers. Pinching, pulling, twisting them followed by intense flicking on just the tips. Moaning as my cunt dripped on the bed and my nipples got more and more sensitive. Vibrator on my clit finally. Buzzing on high all the while flicking my nipples. Stopping the vibe again. It hurt so fucking bad!!

Pulling my heavy breasts up i licked and teased them with flicks of my tongue. Tight circles around the tip of my nipples only to flick the tips fast and intense again. Leaning back again, letting my big boobs fall and my fingers playing with the nipples once again. Nipple orgasms aren’t unfamiliar to me. i was struggling not to go over the edge!! Daddy told me i couldn’t stop teasing my nipples no matter what. i wasn’t going to disobey Him now!

Minutes to go til Daddy got home. my entire body was on fire and aching for release. Vibe on my tight little clit again, hips flying as i pushed the edge of orgasm yet again. Nipples twisted in my fingers with a hard tug making me scream in pleasure.

“STOP kitten. NOW. STOP EVERYTHING!” Daddy commanded. Small tears trailed down my cheek as i stopped once again. “you’ve been such a good girl. you love being a dirty little slut for Daddy, I know you do.” i looked up at Him as He approached the bed. He had a blindfold in His hand. i pinched my legs together as tight as possible to keep from cumming. He put the blindfold on me, cinching it tight. i couldn’t help but moan! Left hand locked in a fur lined cuff, then the right stretched over my head attached to the headboard. i struggled against the cuffs.

i heard Daddy moving around the room with no idea what He was doing or planning!! His low, rolling growl began moving closer. A leather and fur flogger thudded across my tits illiciting pain and pleasure. Another and another, each getting harder with less time apart. “you belong to ME. MY PROPERTY” He growled. i tried to respond, but couldn’t. i was lost in subspace.

His hard cock thrust hard and deep inside me. Knees on His shoulders He fucked my tight, sore cunt. i couldn’t stop myself from cumming almost instantly. He laughed, fucking me even harder commanding me to keep cumming for Him. His big hand spanking my ass hard leaving its print. No reprieve…. He fucked me til i was begging Him to stop. “Not tonight, slut! Keep cumming for Master til I’m done with you” thrusting harder and deeper. He finally shot His load deep in my cunt after forcing orgasm after orgasm til i was nearly limp.

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