Hungry, hungry Grumpy

Date night was wonderful last night. ♥ We brought dessert home, cheesecake for Daddy and cream puffs for me. Cream oozed out of my cream puff, falling on the floor. Grumpy, the ever helpful puppy, cleaned up my mess. He had whipped cream on his little nose and chin. Wiping his little face off was a challenge, but i won in the end. 😉

Whipped cream on Grumpy’s little nose.

6 thoughts on “Hungry, hungry Grumpy

  1. Our plumbing was about half a mile from the house. It was a broken water main that was particularly complex. The County had to call in an outside contractor, took them 30 hours to fix. Fortunately my sister gave us enough water to deal with outage.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t in your home!! It’s NEVER a good thing or easy, but so much better when it’s not your personal expense and home that’s torn up in the midst of repair. Being without water is bad enough!!!

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