Experimenting with my hair

i’m growing my hair out from a short, short cut… which i always go back to because it’s so easy and looks fantastic on me.

my usual short, short haircut. Quite frequently the sides and back are
brought down with a size 3 clipper and blended into the top.
This is probably grown out from that. 😉 Sexy, eh?

Yesterday i thought i’d do something totally new and try pin curls. Let me tell you… it was BAD!!! i mean the kind of bad that i spent forever putting it up and hours of drying time only to put a hat on my head to cover my frizzy disaster. lol i can laugh a little bit now. Not so much last night! i discovered that my hair is way too long for pin curls and the size curlers i used on the rest.

The result of today’s attempt at setting my hair in curlers.

Miraculously i wasn’t put off by my epic fail yesterday. i washed it this morning followed by even more work setting all of it in old fashioned foam rollers. Bigger curlers throughout and even MORE drying time. i just took it out a bit ago and the results are decent. Fortunately, Daddy LOVES it! 😉 ♥

i just may survive this awkward in between spot my hair’s currently in. They’re always the hardest part about growing my hair out long. Ugh…. hopefully i’ll be through it soon or i’ll be in getting it cut short once again.

All’s quiet. Chores one, dogs are fed and quiet. i’m watching Bumble Bee on Amazon Prime. Starting a knitting project once i post this. Little Grumpy needs a sweater desperately! Winter is killing him. He’s so tiny and has no fur and absolutely no body fat to keep him warm. Shivering in the house is just sad!

G’nite, friends.

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