Wearing Daddy’s collar

18+ Sexual Content

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Daddy took me to breakfast at our favorite spot this morning. He ordered me to wear the collar on our outing. It was an adventure!

The looks were so varied. Two women in our time out this morning looked at me with wide grins! πŸ˜‰ One of the ladies couldn’t hardly peel her eyes from the collar as she grinned her approval and watched the two of us as long as possible. *giggling* It was a fun experience. There were those who just wouldn’t look at me at all. The older folks seemed to fall in that category. The middle eastern man at the convenience store looked to a point i was feeling uncomfortable. i’m not sure if he was confused, stunned, turned on? i haven’t got a clue. i just know he stared to an extent that i’d have been upset had Daddy not be right there with me.

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Daddy & kitten playtime was on the menu today. RAWR!!! i dressed for Daddy in a new ensemble, playing on a different set of kinks. πŸ˜‰ Hat and stole with natural colored thigh high stockings paired with white bra and lace trimmed slip.

Here’s a picture with a clear view of me in Daddy’s collar. Sadly, the pattern stamped in isn’t clearly visible from a distance, but He and i both know it’s there. β™₯ Daddy’s the only one who can get close enough to see it in detail! πŸ˜‰

Daddy loves taking pictures of me before we start a session. *giggling* He always ends up making me blush and shy!

Daddy grabbed hold of the ring giving it a good tug reminding me i’m His. Playtime began then. Camera off, hat off.

Daddy claimed me! Pinned beneath Him, commanded to look into His eyes as He took me into sub space through erotic hypnosis, dizzying kisses and His powerful hands using me at His will. Yanked by the hair, He told me to get Him ready to fuck me. Worship His cock. my lips and tongue reveled in having Daddy’s long, thick cock to serve. MMmmm…. pr-cum glistening on the head. A soft swirl of my tongue tasting Him. Fur boa sliding across His heavy balls, He fucked my tits, squeezing them tight around His cock. i begged to suck it as He thrust up towards my hungry mouth. His thick fingers rubbed my went pussy til i was begging for His cock. Begging for Him to fuck me. He denied me His cock!!! The ache was unbearable! He handed me my vibrator and ordered me to cum for Him. He spanked my ass and thighs as i fucked my tight pussy with my toy. His words faded out as i sank deeper, nearing orgasm. He slapped my tits hard over and over again as i came. i lost count how many times i came. Exhausted, vibrator held to my clit pushing me to yet another orgasm, i looked at Him begging, “Can i stop now, Daddy?!” Permission granted, He pulled me into His arms holding me so tight. i snuggled in as tight as possible beginning to cry from the intensity. He held me close cooing, “Daddy has you. i love you, baby. You’re such a good girl.”

Composed once again, i asked to take care of Daddy. He said, “No. You’ll take care of Daddy after our date tonight.” i grinned up at Him, “Gladly, Daddy.”

As He was getting out of bed, He looked at me, hair tossled, still flushed and gorgeous in His eyes and snapped one last photo. Always Daddy’s girl. β™₯

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