Sitting at Daddy’s feet

In the months before Daddy and i met in person and began our full time journey, i had the strongest desire to sit at His feet as He went about normal tasks. It was one of those things i’d been ordered to do before and couldn’t understand why i’d want to. Obedience to an order and desiring something are worlds apart. From the first time i sat at His feet, it’s been my favorite place.

i am Daddy’s cherished little one. i am His! i serve Daddy. i make Him happy and take care of Him. No one else. Sitting at His feet is a place of honor exclusively mine. Daddy chose me to love and protect and to serve Him. Being allowed to sit at His feet is a privilege which i earned. i am the only to ever have this position. ♥

As a little, being close to Daddy is my most favoritest thing in the entire world. Being near Daddy means i’m safe and i’m His good girl. When i sit at His feet, i am not beside His chair or at a distance. i am right in front of Him leaned back on His chair with my head curled up in His lap or sitting up with my arm tucked around His leg pressed into my side. ♥ Daddy’s hand is stroking my hair or rubbing my neck and shoulders. We are in constant contact. i am reminded just how loved and precious i am to Him.

When my heart is tender and my love for Daddy swells inside me, sitting at His feet is an act of love and submission. i’m below Him, close, ready to serve as He pleases. i offer Him all of me in a simple, humble act of physical submission.

There are days when things go off kilter and need a quiet reset. Asking permission to come sit at His feet sets all right again. Whatever the problem was, big or small, this humble act brings the world back to center for us both.

i had a rough morning and asked Daddy a bit ago if i can sit at His feet when He gets home. ♥ He loves it as much as i do and said yes. The first negotiation for our deepened commitment to M/s has been to agree that this needs to be a daily activity. i grinned all over myself at this. 🙂

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