Going deeper

DD/lg is where Daddy and i found a nice foundation to build our daily lives together when we transitioned from long distance to full time and married. Now that we are back on track with His health enabling our play to return *wicked grin*, we’re starting the journey of expanding our kinky play AND going deeper into the M/s component of our relationship. There’s most certainly cross over and room for both with us! i’m looking forward to the negotiation process beginning and finding myself bound within Daddy’s tight control. ♥

Due to a number of factors, we’ve found ourselves letting elements of our dynamic slip. Leaning into the dynamic is where our greatest strength and comfort is found!!! Adding layers of protocol and strengthening the bond will take us forward.

In my mind, i have a picture of what i hope we morph into. i hope Daddy will begin the negotiations very soon!!!! Only time will tell what Daddy and i will become as we blaze a new path.

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