This little is feeling old.

It’s finally happened. That point in my life where medical stuff is happening for both of us. Not your common cold and flu kinda stuff, but bigger stuff. Multiple appointments for both of us at the same time. LOL That’s the life of… OLD PEOPLE!!! I’m soo not ready! This bout will pass and hopefully it’ll be a long time til the next one. Daddy never gets sick!! He’s one of those people that just goes through life healthy and when stuff hits it’s always pretty big. Me, on the other hand, I’m almost always in between some sort of health thing. *sigh* We can’t both not be OK. That just doesn’t work in this household.

This afternoon I got the results of the CT scan on my sinuses. No infection at this point. Good? I dunno. I have polyps and/or mucus plugs in the maxillary cavity (the sinuses under your eyes). I’ve been referred to the Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon. Appointment on Monday morning. Good grief. I’m hoping that this whole issue with chronic sinus infections coupled with asthma can be solved once and for all. It’s been a lifetime of problems. Literally a lifetime. This crap started when I was 6 months old. No reprieve. Runs in my family, sadly.

Daddy’s appointment to get the stent out is tomorrow morning. YAY!!! I think they’re leaving it in a little longer than needed. Everyone heals differently. The stent itself is painful and is what’s keeping Him from being up to moving around much and doing very much. Tomorrow is the start of Him being my healthy Daddy.

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