Fools’ names and faces appear in public places

This was an idea passed on from my grandmother, to my mother to me. It’s not so much about airing your dirty laundry in public. A hint of that, yes, but mostly about being sure you’re comfortable with what you’ve shared or done in public. It will always come back to you… good or bad.

As a blogger, I opt to share my life and thoughts with the world. I accept the responsibility that comes with putting myself out there for anyone and everyone to have an opinion about me.

Good comments come along with the bad. I have a strong sense of self and am not immediately threatened by the negative. Not all, but many times there is value to criticism I’ve received. Are my opinions and judgments total BS or coming from a place of insecurity? Am I ranting and being totally outrageous? Have I overshared and put myself in a position of having clean up to do after? Sometimes all of these, others none.

The concept is really simple. If you don’t want others’ opinions on your life, thoughts, whatever it is you opt to put out there… DON’T PUT IT OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. If you can’t handle being judged on what you share, don’t blog. Another simple concept is ignoring comments and stuff which you don’t like. There’s a SPAM option on comments for a reason.

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