A Crabby Rant

i woke to the phone ringing far too early. Safeway was at my door delivering my groceries. i forget that i’m always first in their delivery line up in the window. Always. 8am was just too early today…

It’s been gray and cold for what seems like forever now. The dogs have been cooped up from the rain and are acting out big time!!! At least they play… but even that is hard to handle. Ruffi is LOUD!!!! It sounds like he’s going to eat Grumpy! They always want to wrestle on top of me on the sofa. GRRRR!!! The phrase, “Don’t eat each other on my sofa” is becoming a normal part of my vocabulary. i’d laugh if I weren’t crabby right now.

Daddy hurts and doesn’t feel good today. He’s slept most of the day. He’s reached that point of feeling good enough to be crabby. Yay… *sigh* He’s short with the dogs and just… crabby. *sigh* i’m trying so hard to be patient, but if He apologizes to me one more fucking time for sleeping and stuff today i’m gonna ball gag Him!!!

i need to get out of the house!!! i need light and people and activity. It doesn’t help that a big packet of financial info came from the trustee today. Once again he’s full of shit and sharing stuff with my sibling which isn’t relevant. i can’t get into it with him. i’m just…. ready for the old geezer to die. He has a bad heart…. how can i help that along? If only i were kidding.

See…. told you i’m crabby today!!!!

i haven’t had an orgasm in over two weeks. i’m DYING!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been months since our sex life has been normal and satisfying. i get it. Daddy had a ginormous kidney stone which kept things from working properly. Still…. i’ve gone without for so long that i was starting to lose my labido. TMI? Get the fuck over it!!! i’m an every day girl and going weeks without any sexual activity at all is not OK. He’s been flirting and teasing me a bit the last couple days, too. Yay…. He’s feeling better and things are starting to go back to normal. What good is that if we still can’t fuck?!

i’m not sure what will send these crabbies packing? Just a whole bunch of everything weighing me down today. Getting out of these four walls would seriously help. Hmmmm… maybe a trip to the mall to window shop??

Good news is on the outside i’m not letting anywhere near this level of irritability surface. 😀 The lot of you get the pleasure of seeing what goes inside this girls’ crabby brain.

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