Relax!…. Daddy’s orders

Things have been busy the last few days. With Daddy not quite up to snuff yet, the brunt of responsibility has fallen on me. He’s felt guilty and worried about me. “That’s what good Daddy’s do” is His pat answer for doing too much and worrying about me all the time. Life goes on and has to be handled regardless of good timing. Soooo…. now that there’s nothing big on the agenda today… RELAX!!!!

i slept in. We’ve had leftovers and fend for yourself breakfast and lunches. We’re snuggled up in our respective favorite spots watching our favorite shows. The dogs are happily playing. i’ve been able to relax all day. YAY!!!

Off to Kaiser in a few hours for a CT scan of my sinuses. Not the first, but hopefully the last. i have a permanent supply of bacteria in my sinuses which turns into a raging infection at the blink of an eye. i’ve taken several rounds of antibiotics and prednisone to kick the mess going on. Still not gone and it’s been a couple months now. Sooo…. pictures of my sinuses it is. Surgery is on the table. It’s been put out there as an option since i was a kid. Depending on the results, i’ll either see an ear, nose & throat doc about surgery or do more antibiotics and the like. This crap is flaring up my asthma and has me coughing up a lung constantly. *sigh* i’m ready for it to be over no matter what route we go.

Friday, Daddy get the stent removed. *wink, wink* That’s the only thing keeping Him from full activity at this point. The stone has been holding things up for the last four to five months now. He’s more than ready to RAWRRRRRR and devour His kitten. *giggling* i might have some fun stories next week!

One of the fun thing we’ve been doing while He’s home is talking about new kinky things to explore. Our kink dynamic is coming back into full swing with Him home, relaxed and feeling better. i’m loving it!!!

3 thoughts on “Relax!…. Daddy’s orders

    1. Oh… i sure do!!!! ♥ Once the stent is out things will be ok and it won’t hurt Him to be hard. Stiff plastic tubing running from His kidneys, through His bladder and into His penis makes everything painful ATM. i can’t wait for things to be back to normal!!! ♥♥♥

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