Daddy’s Home!!!!

Daddy’s been home 4 straight days now. It’s been delightful! ♥ Granted, He had surgery on Friday and is more than a little sore at times, but it’s the longest time off we’ve had together in over a year. The bonding is so nice! It’s reminiscent of the first few months He was in California. We had two months (to the day) of Daddy and kitten time. We get along so well and enjoy each other’s company so we can be together 24/7 and not really need much time apart.

Last night He found the 1966 Batman series on TV. We purchased season two. We’re watching an episode with Catwoman and the Sandman right now. RAWRRRRRR!!! Fur, kink, superheros and villains. Needless to say i’m a bit distracted trying to write this post. *wink* When Daddy’s up to snuff again, me thinks a Batman/villain kitten scene will be happening.

Oh my!!! i needed to run an errand for Daddy earlier this evening. i put on my new hat and a snuggly coat and Daddy had a reaction to this look. 😉 Normally i’m elated, but it hurt Him with all the healing He’s doing after surgery. i still love it…. who am i kidding?! Why wouldn’t i want my Daddy~Monstah’s weasel to pop when He sees me? *giggling* Soon all will be working right as rain again and the kink fest will be on!!! RAWRRRRR i can’t wait! It’s been a while now that the dastardly stone has kept us from the full scope of kinky practices we enjoy oh so much.

Time to say good night and enjoy Batman….

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