New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year to all! Let’s raise a glass to a happy and healthy 2020.

i stopped making new year’s resolutions nearly 20 years ago. Like so many people, year-after-year, my resolutions to better myself and/or my life would go to the wayside after a few weeks. i went the way of my mother and stopped participating in the annual madness altogether. Honestly, my life is better for it!!

A resolution isn’t about a certain day to make changes. January 1st is just another day. It’s fun to celebrate and think about the future and review the past, but in all ways it’s just another day our constant journey around the sun.

Rather than resolutions and promises to myself and others, i simply decide for today i will make a decision which is good for me in whatever way. For today i will eat healthy. Today i will choose to exercise. Today i will not allow negative people into my life.

Name the “it” and i go about it on a daily basis. It takes the pressure off making it into a huge deal and brings it into a more doable state. All we have is the moment anyway, so planning to do something tomorrow is a waste of the time you have.

i stopped counting days of success in what i’m doing, as well. It doesn’t matter. If i did something successfully for one day, i was successful! If it takes me a while to get there, then that’s ok, too.

i found that resolutions are a set-up for failure and for many, feeling bad about yourself. The most common resolutions are about weight loss, money, healthier lifestyles. None of these are overnight successes. They are lifestyle changes. Turning them into a New Year’s resolution makes them an unrealistic goal. Most people tag a timeline on their goal which is outrageous, too… or expect overnight success. That’s why so many people give up on their resolutions.


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