In-Laws & Kink

i’ve been thinking a bit about my in-laws lately. i’ve never met them. Daddy & i had a quiet, tiny wedding in our living room one Thursday evening without much fanfare. We knew all along it was going to happen, but exactly when wasn’t planned. Things kept getting in the way and one day i looked at Him and said, “What about today?” A few hours later my bestie was registered as a minister online and his husband was our witness. We had the most wonderful wedding! ♥

When i traveled back East to meet Daddy in person, i wasn’t able to meet any of His family of friends. It was our time. We didn’t get out much. *wink, wink* i stayed this girl of mystery right up until He told everyone He was moving to California to marry me.

Now, i must mention that Daddy had a sit down with His siblings and their spouses to tell them He was leaving. Being the youngest, they were quite protective of their little brother. lol He decided the best way to convince them He was doing the right thing was to tell them about us. i mean… tell them about us. Our M/s relationship, how i call Him Daddy and the whole 9 yards. Daddy left out a good deal of the actual sex kink, but told them enough to make everyone blush. His sister-in-law was curious as Hell. His brother was stunned, but curious. His sister couldn’t be more uncomfortable!!!

A year plus later and i’m still the topic of curiosity in the family. i get it. Whose this wild child that managed to reign in a confirmed bachelor and make a settled Daddy~Master out of Him?!!!!

i spoke to Daddy’s brother on the phone for a few minutes tonight. He couldn’t be more shy if he tried. i swear he has no idea what to do with me!!! lol (i feel that way about Daddy’s sister… i haven’t told Daddy that yet.) As we’re talking i almost told him Daddy wasn’t home. As if things weren’t awkward enough, that would’ve pushed the poor man over the edge. lol i felt the need to pull back and behave with decorum despite their full knowledge and knowing that Daddy would’ve loved it if i had.

Daddy’s not met my family either. The day will come that He will meet at least one of my brothers. In this case, i am hoping that He will call for high protocol all around. i’d actually love to sit at His feet wearing my collar on a short leash. my brother would lose his shit!!!!! The shock value would be awesome! *giggling* So would the power dynamic in which there is no way my brother could do or say anything inappropriate without Daddy stepping in immediately. When we are following high protocol standards He must be asked permission to speak to me, touch me, anything… i am fully His property to protect and use as He wishes. i always am, but we don’t follow high protocol standards all the time. It’s too much work for 24/7 in a marriage.

The first time He led me on a walk on a leash was really uncomfortable and humiliating in that exhilarating way until the first people saw us… then i was all good and it made me really hot! i think the idea of His/my family being in on our dynamic falls into that same category. i’m embarrassed about the idea of them knowing more than them actually knowing. Hmmmm…. how soon can we bust this one open, Daddy??

6 thoughts on “In-Laws & Kink

  1. I haven’t met E’s parents either. They’re sour on me since he didnt spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with them. He went this past weekend and the week before we left for NoLa, but not on the actual holidays.

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    1. I dare say the should get over it. Once a couple is together they get to choose where they spend holidays. If they go back and forth between both families or create traditions of their own which aren’t with family. He’s a big boy and can and (i’m sure) will stand up for you in this one!!!


      1. I totally agree. He did. Theyre just a tight family. Im like you’re 40 and this is your first serious relationship. It was bound to happen at some point 🤣

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      2. They’re very…on top of? Wanting to meet me, but with job hunting I really don’t feel comfortable leaving for an extend period of time when at any point I could be pulled in for an i interview.

        Here’s to one day meeting the in laws and not making then blush too much!

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