Bath time

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Baths are one of my favorite treats to relax and bring the world back to center. On days, like today, when all is smooth sailing a bath is the cherry on top.

I wish I could say that this was the case tonight….

I was just about to run the water and add my pretty scents. I turned just right taking a step into fresh Grumpy poop in my barefeet. I can’t begin to tell you what effect this had on my bath!!! Scrubbing my foot and the floor before getting in the tub really kinda put the kabosh on enjoying this bath as time for relaxation.

Grumpy, bless his little heart, stood with his paws on the edge of the tub wanting to play with the bubbles and water. He was so cute and sweet. Had he not just crapped on the floor I’d have oohed and awwed over him all over the place.

I’m having a hard time finding the joy in this particular bath time. lol

8 thoughts on “Bath time

    1. Nope. On the tile. Although, he has pooped on the carpet. He’s pretty close to being trained. He’s paper trained in the downstairs bathroom, so I gotta give him credit for at least being in the right room. Was just disgusting for me! lol I can finally laugh it.

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