Adventures in Online Shopping

It’s been ages (truly!) since i’ve bought myself new clothes. i somehow seem to be short on winter tops this year. i know the explanation, but that’s another blog post! Daddy approved me doing a bit of online shopping if i kept my spending in check. i was a good girl…. as always.

Here are the things i’m anxiously waiting for. i hope they look as good on me as the do in the pictures…

Round Neck Long Sleeve Orange Red Sweater
Plaid Print Long Sleeve Button Detail T Shirt
Fur Collar Tulip Hem Inclined Button T Shirt

6 thoughts on “Adventures in Online Shopping

      1. I actually mostly buy online these days. I have 0 time to go to stores. Not to mention, I go for a more vintage look and you can get dresses much cheaper online than in person.


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