Good Morning!

It’s Friday and my Daddy is off!! β™₯ It’s been forever since we’ve had any kind of normal weekend day off together. His company Holiday party is tonight. We’ll make the obligatory appearance. Who knows, it might actually be enjoyable? *giggling* I’ve always hated company parties.

We had a nice date night last night. Chinese food hit the spot in all kinds of fun ways. πŸ™‚ The crab rangoons were horrible!!!! They didn’t have any crab in them… ok…i’m exaggerating, barely. $8.95 for fried wontons with less crab than i use toothpaste. i couldn’t even taste the crab there was so little. i sent them back and got spareribs instead. Happy kitten! πŸ˜€ Everything else was fantastic. Pork fried rice and Mongolian lamb were the main course for us.

Did i mention when i told the waitress the rangoons were empty and didn’t taste good she bit into one standing at the table? lol Yeah…. it was all kinds of wonderful. How do i always end up with the inept servers who can’t handle hearing their food is bad or wrong with class?

Talked to my other brother this morning. It was bad. Worse than the other one. This one accused me of stealing from the trust and all kinds of crap. I ended the call politely before it got ugly. Have i mentioned that i hate my family? There are a zillion reasons i’ve had no contact with my family at all for years now… i have been reminded of all of them in the period of two 15 minute phone calls. Let it roll off my back. Breathe. They’re shitty human beings… i don’t have to let it affect me in any way.

Went down to Social Security yesterday and talked to an agent in the local office. They got my payments started yesterday with my back pay being processed as soon as possible. i cried! i got a Christmas miracle. β™₯ i can finally handle myself and what needs to be done. πŸ˜€ i can finally take some of the stress off Daddy and help. β™₯ i have independence, too. That’s a good thing!!!!!! β™₯β™₯β™₯

Going to get Daddy’s ears lowered in a little bit, pick something up for the potluck tonight and maybe get the puppies to the park. Not sure i’m ready for Grumpy to go to the dog park yet. He’s sooo tiny!! i think he’s getting close to 4lbs.

Have a nice day, folks. πŸ™‚

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