Worried about Daddy

After His trip to the emergency room last Thursday night with the kidney stone He’s had a series of doctor appointments over the last two days. Surgery scheduled for January 3rd. The mammoth rock won’t pass on its own.

Image result for my peepee hurts image

They always call procedures “common”, but it doesn’t change the impact it has on the person having it. Pain, fear, time off work, stress, worry. Add to that, few people have surgery on their wienies for fun. I’ve wanted us to have some time off together for a while, this just isn’t quite how I saw it coming…

Image result for 6mm x 16mm stone
These lovely gem stones are 16mm, just like His kidney stone.

Daddy will be off work about a week recovering from the surgery, given that they are able to remove the stone with a stint. If not, then a full invasive procedure to remove it through the kidney it’ll be. Hoping for the first, of course!!

Back to our afternoon of doing Daddy & kitten stuff. Now that the appointments are done for the day and we know (mostly) what the plan is, time to relax again.

10 thoughts on “Worried about Daddy

    1. Nope. The urologist said the lithotripsy isn’t the most effective treatment these days… or at least on how big Daddy’s stone is. He’s going in through the urethra to pull the stone out with a stint afterwards. Ugh! It’ll be icky for sure.


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