Bread & Cookies

Baking is one of those things which comes and goes with me. When I bake, I bake A LOT and often. Then I peter out for a bit until the next wave of enthusiasm hits. I never stop baking altogether, it just slows down.

All of my baking is gluten free. It creates a few challenges in texture, but over time I’ve learned how to get things close and the flavor makes up for what may be missing in texture.

This afternoon I started out with buttermilk biscuits and growing my yeast for sourdough loaves to be baked tomorrow. I had a bit of buttermilk left that needed to be used, so a loaf of buttermilk bread was next in the oven. OMG it’s good!! It came out flaky and with the best flavor! Gluten free bread never rises quite the same as standard issue bread, so doubling the recipe for a good sized loaf is necessary. Tonight, I “settled” for the smaller loaf.

Turning my attention to a sweet treat, I went to a McDaddy family favorite…. Cinnamon Bread. This bread is a treat I started making when Daddy and I first started living together. It’s been munched fresh, hot outta the oven, turned into french toast and just about anyway you can imagine eating a nice loaf of slightly sweet, cinnamony goodness. This bread rarely makes it to the next day!!!!

Just as I thought I was done baking, I had everything put away, I stumbled across a recipe for coconut gingerbread cookies with chocolate chips. Everything came back out to get these going! They’re in the oven as I type.

Daddy took the camera to work with Him again tonight! 😦 What fun is it to post about wonderful baking without the sumptuous pictures to go with it?!

Just know that the house smells like fresh baked bread and molasses-y ginger goodness. Time to get the cookies out the oven….

Til next time….

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