Simple pleasures

i woke up from a nap to the sun. It’s been dismal and raining for a week now. i’ve heard whispers of another El Nino in California. Tell me it’s not true!! It’s warm enough to have my patio door open with fresh air filling the house. Few things please me more than having my home opened up to the world outside if i must be indoors.

The dogs are playing. Ruffi is really good with Grumpy. He loses his patience now and then, but so do i! Play fighting and growling happily fill my living room. So does the fiber filling from one of their toys. 🙂 Grumpy managed to pull out the squeaker and kill it while i slept. For now the fuzz can stay while i delight in watching the pups play. This is one of the main reasons we got another dog. Our Ruff-Ruff needed company.

Daddy is sound asleep upstairs which delights me more than i can say. He worked tirelessly yesterday around the house getting things caught up. i’ve been pretty useless around here for a few days now. Doesn’t take long for things to go to Hell. He’s been worried about me, too. Daddy’s been with me long enough to know that anytime asthma or anything related hits, it’s gonna be a bad ride. He didn’t sleep at all before His graveyard last night. He could hardly move when He got home. i won’t wake Him for anything unless the world is coming to an end!

Being sick has put me in little space more often than not. Unfortunately, not the side of little space which is pleasant… for any of us. i turn into a sick little girl who just wants to sit in Daddy’s lap, be held and taken care of. i cry at the drop of a hat because i can’t manage how i feel. Just snuggle me and watch Beauty and the Beast with me non-stop.

The upside of being in little space like this…. it’s awoken my little once again. It’s been a very long time (months) since i’ve slipped into little space with Daddy. Life’s been too stressful. Slipping into our Daddy and little girl roles lets the world stop for a while. Giggles and fun fill our home… even when things are hard. The balance of life is restored.

Today i get to be the sweet little girl Daddy adores when He wakes up. ♥ If that’s not a simple pleasure, i don’t know what is.

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