I keep sitting down to write

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I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve sat here staring at the blank computer screen trying to write something. I’ve had ideas for posts, but the words just haven’t come together. I wouldn’t say I’ve had “writer’s block”. I have to be honest and say that stress of life right now has got me down. I’m unmotivated to do much of anything creative. Far from my norm!! Don’t worry, I’m not depressed. Let’s just say… I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. My body and mind shut down for a bit.

I’m moving around pretty well after that hip flexor strain. Doctor said it would take about 3 days for the worst of it to pass. She was pretty much right on target. I’m at day 7 and I’m 2 days without ibuprofen. I fixed breakfast and mopped the floor this morning. Felt great!!!

Part of being down for me has been literally “being down”. It kills me to watch my house get out of control and not be able to do anything about it. It’s cold and wet, windy. Crap is blowing in constantly every time the door opens. I haven’t been able to get Ruffi out much in the last week. I couldn’t walk him and Daddy was sick, too, so walks were a bare minimum. Can we say behavioral issues? Now let’s talk about Grumpy! lol He’s so sweet and a really good boy, but he’s a PUPPY!!! With me unable to get up and chase him around and control his environment like I need to, he’s been running wild, peeing and pooping everywhere! OK… not everywhere. He’s really good. Just not as good as I need him to be when I’m hurt and I know it’s our fault. Being unable to walk makes it impossible to manage his learning when Daddy’s not home.

Daddy just left for work. I’m gonna go put my laundry away before I come back to WordPress and tell ya a bit about Daddy’s plan for our first wedding anniversary! 😉

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