3 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Lose Your Children to the ‘Transgender Cult,’ From a Mom Who Knows — Transgender Support

  1. What the hell? I read the whole thing, waiting to find out that this was just a poorly-written satire piece, but I never reached that point. So I poked around on the rest of the blog, and most of the pieces appear to be supportive of the transgender community, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

    There was no way to comment on the post (at least for me), and that annoyed me enough to try and report the post. Of course, that forced me to review the Terms of Service for WordPress and cite a specific violation, and there ISN’T one for this situation. The only thing I could do was request the blog be marked as “Adult content”, but I hesitated on that, as many of the posts, on their own, could definitely help a questioning teen.

    So, end result, I’m just hoping that the blog owner(s) really meant to use this post as an example of transphobia, but they bungled the job.

    Sorry for the long rant. Things like this just send me over the edge…

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