Happy Thanksgiving!

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Following our tradition, beautiful Porter House steaks

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Daddy & i have a nice quiet day planned. A nice meal, good TV, cuddles. A much needed day.

This week has been long, hard, stressful and painful. Work’s been busy for Daddy. With me injured, He’s pulling double duty at home and at work. He needed to take a couple days off with me for a doctor appointment and take care of me. I was at total rest. Poor Daddy hasn’t had a rest yet.

Ruffi and Grumpy are settling into a groove. Grumpy’s been home with us for a full week now. He’s a smart little fella!!! He’s almost totally potty trained. The boys are getting along and starting to cuddle. Ruffi’s far less jealous.

Starting to think this hip flexor strain is never gonna heal!!! I know it’s only been 5 days, but it’s just not getting better. I’ve restrained/pulled it several times since then. You know it sucks when you pull a muscle all over again turning over in bed. That’s why I’m up blogging at 5:30am.

Daddy’s fixing the steaks tonight. He’s doing all the heavy lifting for me in the couple things I’m doing…. mashed potatoes and cornbread sausage stuffing with cranberries. We’ll have some green beans or broccoli, too.

Happy day, all. Back to my show. ♥ I’m binge watching Hart of Dixie. I just started watching it last night.

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