Caught Watching

Daddy & i were in the grocery store last night picking up a few things for dinner. We needed a loaf of sourdough, so a stroll through the bakery was necessary. Can any little girl get through a bakery without wanting cupcakes, brownies and all of the other pretty sweet treats? me, either!!!

Daddy put His arm around my waist guiding me away from each new shiny treat. He whispered in my ear, “Puppy tomorrow, baby”, and i moved along with a slight sigh, though very willing to trade a new puppy for a treat.

He swatted my bottom a few times playfully telling me what a good girl i am. The swats were deliscious! “More Daddy?”, i giggled. He was more than happy to give me this treat!! (Daddy loves my bottom!!!)

In that moment, the world around us ceased to exist. There was only Daddy & kitten. Not quite true!!! Daddy caught a man a few feet away enjoying our moment so much that he stumbled awkwardly trying to look away and hide that he’d been watching.

Daddy whispered in my ear, “We have an admirer”. i turned just in time to see the man turn his head once again feigning interest in a bran muffin. *giggling*

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