Rambling on a breezy Tuesday afternoon

i stayed up all night chatting with Daddy, doing some research on a project i’m planning and just…. well… waiting for Daddy to come home. Pretty much the typical Monday night. Tuesdays are always a wee bit rough in our house. Daddy’s coming off His first overnight with another one tonight, i’ve stayed up with Him and i don’t sleep much. Seems there’s always something that has to be done on Tuesdays. Today it’s a a mandatory staff meeting for Daddy. UGH!!! He’s not happy.

The phone rang way too early and woke me up. PG&E is turning our power off again tomorrow. FFS… when is that going to be over and done with?! To be honest, aside from losing it for over a week and the food loss, i don’t mind them on the short term. Daddy and i always have fun!!! We have a few drinks, chatter until we can’t stay awake anymore, there’s usually some fun kinky stuff. i mean, what else is there to do when the power is out?! *giggles*

i bought my first liquid eyeliner yesterday. i know, i know… first?! Yes, my very first. i’ve always been a tad worried that i won’t be able to use them well. Why didn’t someone tell me how incredibly easy they are to use?! Holy eyeliner, Batman!! 😉 (i watched the Batman TV series on Decades this weekend. It’s fresh.) The metallic brown is rather nice. i’ll take pictures soon. i’d like to get my skills a little better honed first. *wrinkling my nose*

Today is the first day i’ve not had any back pain. Didn’t last long. How soon i forget…. All i did was sweep the downstairs and my back was screaming at me before i finished. Now there are small piles of dust to sweep up in a bit. Maybe… note MAYBE…. i’ll Swiffer the floors tomorrow. i think i’ll need Daddy’s permission since He’s home on Wednesdays.

i’ve got the front door and slider open this afternoon. The cross breeze is delightful. It’s chilly!!! Not cold, but actually chilly. Looking out the picture window all of the trees are red, orange, brown and nearly bare with the exception of the Redwood tree just outside the front door. The breeze is rustling the branches with the lovely swisshhhhh i look forward to each year. Autumn has always been my favorite season of all.

Our application for Grumpy has been approved. At least i think we’re at the final step! We’re in the process of scheduling to meet the little bundle of cuddles on Thursday. We’ll be taking Ruffi, too. Busy morning for us! Taking Ruffi for a nice long run and bark fest at the dog park is an absolute must before taking him to meet a tiny puppy. Ruffi is gentle and sweet as can be, though he is a mini schnauzer and has good deal of energy. He’s a herder by breed and temperament so he can be a bit bossy. Extremely possessive of me and Daddy. He’ll adjust. Once the puppy is in the house he’ll loving the company and i can count on him to help me train the baby. ♥ Ah yes, so this means a bath and nail trim in next 24 hours, too. *giggling* A bath right before a trip to the fairly muddy dog park. Well… keeping up appearances. 😉

Hope you’re all having a charming Tuesday. Dinner is on the horizon and i have no idea what i’m fixing yet. i’ve been craving Shepard’s Pie. Going along with my Irish heritage, i’ll likely make Cottage Pie rather than a true Shepard’s Pie. For those of you not in the know Cottage is beef and Shepard is lamb.

Quick trip to the store followed by painting my nails as dinner’s in the oven. Ahhh… such an exciting day. 😉 i actually enjoy quiet days where mundane is the order of the day. Aside from Daddy’s staff meeting…. a typical day in my home. i’m peaceful and at ease. Wishing the same for you!

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