Kink and BDSM have taken a backseat in our life recently. Today we had a moment which reminded us both that even if we’re not having insanely kinky sex and our power exchange dynamic isn’t at the forefront like it usually is we’re still living a full time D/s lifestyle.

Image result for Daddy gif

We had some banking to do today which was very grown up. We sat there dressed in professional clothing talking about investing and diversifying funds when i called my husband “Daddy” multiple times in this business meeting. *giggling* i tried to cover it up, but it was out there.

Calling Stephen Daddy is more than a habit, it’s who He is. We live a 24/7 D/s relationship where i’m submissive to Him in all things at all times. i have permission to call Him Stephen, Honey or any of the “typical” names when we’re out and about, though mostly i opt for Daddy. In circumstances like today i usually opt for something more discreet. Today, my nature came out and there it was… out for the world to see… i’m Daddy’s little girl all time time!

It felt good to “slip” and be our normal kinky selves in the big world. Nice reminder that Daddy is always Daddy.

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