TMI Tuesday… on Sunday.

TMI Tuesday: November 19, 2019

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1. Your lover loooves to talk during sex. What is it you want to hear them say? It’s a long list!!! I can’t stand silent partners in bed. Moan, talk, order me around…. let me know you’re alive and enjoying it! I think my all time favorite thing to hear during sex is you’re Mine… MY property.

2. You have been offered a posh, all-expenses paid voyage upon Richie Riches opulent yacht to a sunny tropical island. Only thing is you must sit on deck naked–sunning, sipping your favorite drink and eating your favorite foods. Would you do it…take the fantastic voyage naked? Don’t forget to wave to all the other boats and passersby. Of course I’d go!!! (Assuming I’m single and don’t a partner to contend with. Daddy would never allow this!!!!) I’ve got a lot of exhibitionist running through my veins.

3. If you worked in human resources and two equally qualified applicants were up for a position in the company but one of them listed, on their resume, Stripper as a past job would you hire that person? Sure, why not? Not my housekeeper or nanny, but otherwise… sure 😉

4. Is your dating game high-tech or low-tech? It was always high tech. I started online dating in the mid ’90s. Oh Hell, I met my husband online.

5. What’s the most disappointing text you’ve received? You can give us the context or just the text. I don’t recall exactly what it said, but Daddy didn’t book His flight to California when He said He would. I got this message a few times before I got the good news. Better late than never. Life just took a little longer to wrap up before He could move out here for good.

Bonus: Give us your best advice for boosting someone’s sex drive. Your sex drive is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. This is more true than you might think. For jump starting your lovers’ sex drive? Don’t talk about sex, ask them for it…. dress the part, act the part, treat them like your LOVER, start the flirting process early to get the wheels going. Taking the pressure off performance is always a good way to go.

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