Ohhh… my aching back!

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This morning Daddy woke up to a sound i hoped He never would. me moaning and ouching in pain as i tried to stand up and walk getting out of bed. A few hours later it was worse as i climbed the stairs slowly groaning with each step. He ordered me to a quiet, low key, not too much physical activity day. Yes, Sir was easy to say today.

i permanently injured my back at 18 years old. i worked in a pre-school with toddlers. i lifted or set a child down wrong… something wrong… and i was layed out flat on my back for nearly a month unable to lift so much as a gallon of milk. There began my life with sciatica and advancing back problems.

All these years later, i have sciatica, crushed disks at L4, L5, S1. Osteoarthritis running through my entire spine and a fair amount of spinal stenosis. With diet, exercise, moderation in my daily activities and a low dose of tricyclic anti-depressants for the nerve pain, i’m able to live pain free (or nearly) most of the time.

i didn’t give the meds nearly enough credit. i guess i’ve taken them so long that i took for granted being pain free. It’s been a few weeks without them and i’ve been feeling the effects growing steadily. Today is the first day it’s been really bad.

i’m in that place with my back where i can’t do a whole lot. Lifting a gallon of milk isn’t excruciating, but i feel the pull and the weight. Sitting too long hurts, but getting up too much is worse. Picking my chairs is crucial along with positions. After a full day, my back not only hurts, but it’s tired causing all new pains. Pain’s shooting through the middle of my back around my shoulder blades running down the length of my spine. Every movement hurts. Honestly, typing hurts at this point, too. Not significantly, but i can feel each keystroke in my back.

Back to curl up in Daddy’s chair with a movie, water and a prescription strength dose of Ibuprofen (800mg) hoping for a bit of relief. i’ve already requested a deep massage on my insanely ouchy back. Guess tomorrow it’s back on the medication and resting my back until it’s out of this horrendous flare up.

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