Fred’s Story

Join me on a trip down memory lane as I regale you a story from my childhood.

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In the 5th grade we wrote stories which were spiral bound for our keeping. We animated the “books” with our own pictures. My book is long since gone, but I remember the experience well. The family that babysat me for many years had a basset hound. There lies the start to my story.

Fred, the basset hound, had a big family of puppies and his wife. Fred was an upstanding dog and became the President of the United States.

Image result for basset hound as president

He was a good president. He did a lot of good for his country and the other dogs in the USA. (There were no people in my story… I was 10.)

Image result for basset hound in space

Fred was such an amazing dog that being a husband and father or the President wasn’t enough. He needed to go into space and explore the galaxy!! He flew into space atop a rocket.

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