Stress Reduction

Bad news has been in abundance all week long. Not just bad/sad news, but the kind that makes life really hard. Like Social Security is holding my payments and back pay til next July… over a year. The trustee is refusing to act at all, leaving the money from the insurance company in the bank sitting while we go longer without a functioning kitchen or floors in the house. Fighting with our insurance company to get timely payment on our claims despite jumping through all their hoops. The list of financial and life stressers goes on and on ad nauseum.

Daddy and I are starting to fight with frequency from the non-stop stress. We’re that couple who only argues over big stuff… and it’s done quickly. There aren’t issues between us to really fight about. Stress is pulling at our limits so that every little thing is getting to us and we’re fighting with each other and starting to lash out at one another for the insane amounts of stress that are continuous and not going to resolve in the next week or so. Reprieves, but no actual resolution.

So, I’m writing about stress reduction, but I have to be honest about just how much stress there is and in what areas. How hard it’s hitting our household. There’s more, but a highlight to give you an idea.

Yesterday I got a referral to a trust attorney from a lawyer I trust. I have an appointment with him next Wednesday. I bit the bullet and applied for a full time job, despite the consequences of what it will do to me should I get it. A choice I’ve made many times in my life. Survival over my health. I spent a great deal of time in meditation this morning. I got up early, showered and dressed which always shifts my frame of mind. I worked in the yard and started a craft project. Daddy has applied for a phenomenal job! I spent hours on the phone with Social Security a couple days ago getting the process started of getting some portion of my benefits released ASAP due to immediate need.

Long term solutions are fantastic! In the short term, it’s about staying in balance, doing the next right thing. Being patient and loving with one another. Breathing. Trusting the universe to bring us what we need when we put it out there. Staying as positive as possible so I can cope with what comes.

When life has piled up more stress than I can bare, it’s been time to do something radically different. It’s time for ME to make major lifestyle changes. This is one of the biggest, most stressful call to arms I’ve had in my years, but I see it, I hear it. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!

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