TMI Tuesday

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1. Do you think taking a break in a relationship works? Have you taken a break? Why do you say it worked or did not work?

I’ve taken breaks in relationships in the past. They don’t work!!! It’s always been postponing the inevitable breakup.

2. What is your ideal “break” in a relationship:

None of the below. I don’t do “breaks” in relationships.
a. we stay monogamous but relax expectations on each other and each other’s time
b. we can see/date other people
c. we can take time to explore sex with other people
d. take a break but there is no discussion about seeing other people

3. Currently, how many healthy relationships do you have? How many unhealthy or toxic relationships do you have?

I don’t have unhealthy or toxic relationships in my life at this point.

4. Are there limits to your sexual creativity?

Not to my creativity, however, I do have limits in the areas I’ll play.

5. What one item in this life do you want to take to the afterlife? (For the purposes of this questions just assume there IS an afterlife)

My husband!!! ♥ He’s not an “item”, but he’s the one thing I don’t want to be without.

Bonus: What life-altering thing should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their life?

International travel. Experiencing different cultures, viewpoints, standards of living is something everyone should experience in life. For those of us in first world countries, visiting a third world country shouldn’t be negotiable.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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