Just STOP!!!!

Jack Collier @ https://jackcollier7.com/2019/11/10/not-so-well/ has been unwilling to acknowledge my boundaries which have been clearly laid out on numerous occasions that I am MARRIED, have a solid marriage and want no contact with him on any level due to his refusal or inability to follow my boundaries. He’s been told by my husband to stop interacting with me and leave me alone. Today, he made contact once again telling me he loves me.

You don’t know me, Jack. You don’t love me. You’re not welcome in my life AT ALL on ANY LEVEL!! STOP FOLLOWING MY BLOG! STOP COMMENTING ON MY BLOG!!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!

I’ve purposefully not gone the public humiliation route hoping you’d be able to manage basic boundaries and respect. You’re right. You DO HAVE A SERIOUS PERSONAL PROBLEM!!!

Jack, I know you have a serious mental illness which makes boundaries hard, but it does NOT excuse your behavior around repeatedly pushing my boundaries.


9 thoughts on “Just STOP!!!!

      1. Don’t totally know. Unfortunately, I’ve run into stuff like this a ton online. It’s the whole reason I left Fetlife. Rather than enjoy writing, looking at pics, networking, etc, I was fending off extremely rude guys (and girls) to the point that I wouldn’t interact personally with anyone without them going through Daddy first. It got to be such a big deal that I gave up. I won’t give up my blog over some guy here.


  1. Hey to both you guys. ♡
    Haven’t been following you long but I love your vibe, really enjoy reading you.

    I used to follow him. Then I unfollowed because of just…when you get a gut instinct about someone? A couple of odd comments… Anyway. I get you. Love your ‘relationship and connection with each other and the unwavering trust.

    Really happy that you spoke out. Sometimes it is needed.

    Just my little words of support for you guys.


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