Random Tuesday Ramblings

Daddy took me to dinner tonight. ♥ Haven’t been home all that long now. We went to one of our favorite date night spots. A steakhouse that’s been around for as long as I can remember. We had a great time.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Holocaust. I’ll watch just about anything historical on the subject. Right now I’m watching ‘The Devil Next Door’ about Ivan the Terrible. It’s a little hard to watch at times, but very good. Not as difficult as live footage I watched from the camps while I was taking a German Film course at SSU, but hard none-the-less. My fascination is trying to understand how human beings can be so cruel and follow the masses to allow such an atrocity to happen. My maternal grandmother and great grandmother were Jewish. Grandma raised her kids Catholic primarily out of fear of persecution during WWII. I guess, it’s part of my history, too.

Let’s take a turn to something light and fun. FASHION!!! ♥ I’ve always been a clothes horse. Whether I’m buying or not, I love looking at and trying on clothes. Online shopping has become a hobby in the last few years. You can find absolutely anything on the the internet if you look hard enough! 😉 My propensity to lookie~lookie means I have some fun ads coming my way all the time. YAY! Last night I got an ad for an online store I’ve never heard of chocked full of fun, reasonably priced clothes. I had a little too much fun browsing this site. 😉 Take a look! I’ve found stuff that’s perfect for comfy clothes, little space, holiday, sexy big girl time. I found something for just about everything. 🙂 https://www.rotita.com/ (This is not an affiliate site I’m promoting for money. I’m just a fan of fun, reasonable clothes.)

Tonight is Friday for us again. It’s very much needed! Work has been long and stressful for Daddy the last two weeks. Life has been busy and stressful at home with lots of stuff going on. He’s exhausted! He’s running on insufficient sleep going into day 3 now. I promised that I’ll let Him sleep and rest all He needs to this weekend. I worry about Him and really hate that I can’t take some of the pressure off. He always thanks me, tells me He’s OK followed by saying “It’s what Daddy’s do”.

As I was getting dressed for dinner tonight, Daddy pulled out the camera and snapped a new pictures. *giggling* I haven’t seen them yet. He caught me in bra, panties & boots just before I slipped my dress on and put my makeup on. He sure does love taking pictures of me! *wrinkling my nose* I don’t hate it. 😉 Every once in a while it embarrasses me a little bit.

After months of trying to get myself back on track with my food and eating with bouts of frustration coupled with complaining about the weight I’d gained…. I’m finally 7 pounds from my target weight! YAY!!!! I have no desire to be thin again. I’m 47!!! I enjoy my bodacious curves and so does Daddy. 😉 ♥ I’m thrilled to be back into my size 14 jeans and see my shape returning to sexy curves from a bit of chunk.

Enough out of me tonight. 😉 At least for now… G’nite all.

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