11 Paranormal Questions

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Pappa Squirrel is the original poster and I’m answering his questions. Thank you for the fun task.
  1. Do you believe in Aliens?
  2. Do you recall a past life?
  3. Do you believe in Mermaids?
  4. Do you believe in Bigfoot?
  5. Do you believe in Ghosts?
  6. Do you believe in Vampires?
  7. Have you ever astral traveled that you remember?
  8. Have you ever had sleep paralysis?
  9. Do you have any of the 8 psychic Clair’s?
  10. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
  11. Have you ever been abducted or contacted by aliens
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Do you believe in Aliens?

I absolutely believe in aliens. The universe is too vast for me to be so arrogant as to think that our species is the only intelligent life form anywhere. I have a hard time believing in the “gray” aliens. I think that this our way of imaging a life form that’s different from ours in a way we can accept. Humanoid. There very well may be humanoid aliens. I have no idea. I’m more comfortable thinking outside the box that they may have no physical form or one extremely different than ours. The make up of their planet dictates what their physicality is and how their bodies work. Once again, I find it extremely arrogant to think that what works on our planet is the only way. Life is extremely adaptable and takes many, many forms. Alien life form is no different.

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Do you recall a past life?

No, I don’t have recollections of a past life. I’m quite certain that I’ve lived many. In my twenties I did quite a bit of automatic writing and channeling. In one of the sessions, I was told by a spirit guide that in one past life I was a Scottish sheep farmer named Josef. I’ve been told by more than one psychic that I’ve lived many lives and am nearing the completion of my cycles. I believe whole heartedly that I have karma with people and we keep meeting in each reincarnation.

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Do you believe in Mermaids?

Indeed, I do believe in mermaids. I think they exist in a parallel universe/reality. The lines between realities blur and we get glimpses into others from time to time. Some are able to communicate and shift smoothly between them. I think this is one of those areas most adults have shut down because it’s not logical and linear. There’s a reason children see and experience things most adults don’t. Peter Pan? 🙂 I’d love to meet a mermaid.

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Do you believe in Big Foot?

Big Foot is the one I just can’t. I lean towards believing the story of Big Foot came about long ago when there was no medical understanding of the condition which causes people to grow hair all over their bodies. It’s extremely rare and , frankly, a bit frightening to see.

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A more logical answer, eh?
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Do you believe in Ghosts?

Do I believe in Ghosts? You betcha! I’ve felt the presence of spirits all my life. I think most of us do to some degree. You may not call it that, but I think it’s extremely common.

I was 8 years old when I saw a ghost. I’d stayed the night at a friends house and got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I got half way down the hallway when I saw a very tall, thin man in a suit walking towards me. I could see him clearly, details, though he wasn’t solid. There was a brown hue to him. I stopped dead in my tracks really afraid! He didn’t go away, but I could sense that I was safe and continued on my way. He was just walking through his home.

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Do you believe in Vampires?

I can’t give you a definite yes or no to whether I actually believe in the or not. What I can say without a doubt… I want them to be exist!

I started watching the old black & white classic vampire movies with my Dad when I was all of 4 years old. I’ve had a fascination for them all my life. I’ll read just about any vampire book I can get my hands on and watch most movies. I love the idea of them living in plain sight yet in the shadows. To be totally honest, I think more than a few of my kinks developed thanks to Count Dracula. 😉 Is there any sexier image than the kiss of death? Being taken in by a handsome, hypnotic man and used for his pleasure? Yeah… I’m a kinkster alright! *giggling* I want to think that there are vampires out there watching us, living (?) among us. Truth or not, I want to believe.

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Have you ever astral traveled that you remember?

Astral projection. Now this one is a mixed bag of good and bad. Yes, I have on a number of occasions.

I have a number of the Clairs naturally, which I’ll tell you more about in a later question. I spent time studying with a friend who was guiding me to open my 3rd eye and learn to better direct my abilities. A great deal of that process is done through meditation. Meditation is known for helping you reach transcendental states. There were many times that I left my body and projected astrally through time and space during deep meditation. An experience I may have to write about at another time. Difficult to explain, yet some of the best experiences of my life.

There was one occasion which I projected through an incredibly intense orgasm. It was terrible!! I was kicked out of my body to a far off place with no time, nothing… I was stranded and horrified. I had a hard time getting back. There is always the danger of not returning when you astral project. Many people find it frightening. I count myself fortunate to have had a positive experience before the frightening. I may want to do it again sometime.

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Have you ever had sleep paralysis?

I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis. Actually, I’ve never met anyone in person who has.

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Do you have any of the 8 Psychic Clairs?

The only ones I’ve never experienced are clairaudience, clairsalience and clairgustance. (Hear, smell, taste)

Clairsentience… for example, right now my husband has a headache and I can feel it. He’s at work. I just asked Him describing the location and type of pain. Yup. I’m feeling His headache. *sigh* That’s not the typical form my clairsentience takes, but one of them. Usually it’s more of a physical sensation, a visceral intuition or gut feeling, giving me information. I usually experience this with new people and in physical places. Clairsentience, clairempathy and claircognizance are part of my everyday life.

I typically only use clairvoyance and clairtangency when I’m doing readings or interdimentional healing work. Physical contact with the person I’m working with helps me glean more information. Just a fun fact… when I’m doing a reading all of the clairs I experience come out at once and work together. It can be incredibly intense!

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Yes. Lots of them! I’ve already given you a handful of examples here.

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Have you ever been abducted or contacted by an alien?

Nope. Not something I put stock in.

3 thoughts on “11 Paranormal Questions

  1. I believe ghosts could exist.
    There is talk in the talmud about mermaids, so maybe.
    I believe aliens could exist.

    Ghosts – the energy of the person that was alive, the consciousness that gives us life, I think most don’t reside on this very physical earth, but that they could? Yes. That would just be sad though…

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