Things That Irk Me

Call me strange, but I absolutely love reading peoples rants and lists of things that drive them nuts. Today I have a few on my mind so I’m lettin’ loose.

I’m a little. I can’t stand the term CG/l (Caregiver/little). I’m a functioning adult. I don’t have limitations in any way which require me to have a “caregiver”. I regress into little space because it’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s a joyful place which I share with my Dom. Daddy doesn’t “take care of me” in little space. He holds my hand, snuggles me, tucks me in because it’s sweet, takes me on dates for ice cream. I have a feeling of child-like wonder when I’m in little space. I don’t cease being an adult. I was a Caregiver to a woman with dementia and a young man with severe cerebral palsy, both of whom weren’t able to manage themselves safely of physically without assistance. The term Caregiver/little makes me feel like you shouldn’t be participating in BDSM if you need a caregiver.

People who extrapolate their personal experience and personal preferences into broad stroke generalizations for everyone or a large group drive me nuts!!! If you want to “teach” about a subject which you are not formally trained or well rounded in your knowledge make it clear that you’re sharing your personal experience.

Insistence that a 12 Step recovery program works for eating disorders. It’s completely ineffective!! Been there, done that, bought the damn t-shirt. Doesn’t work! Therapists and psychologists recommend against the programs because they support a “diet mentality” and the concepts of restriction and shame around specific foods. Recovery from an eating disorder means you have a healthy relationship with food without shame and good & bad foods.

Racism just pisses me off!!! If you’re racist, keep your mouth shut!!! Same goes for homophobic and transphobic. You can feel however on the inside. Feelings don’t hurt people. Words and actions do.

The Pioneer Woman makes horrendous food and shouldn’t be on TV. ‘Nuff said.

I could care less about your religion no matter which one it is. Nobody needs to know. We’ve ALL heard of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad and all the others. Keep it to yourself!!!

The toilet paper roll goes over the top. There are blueprints to prove it. All other ways are WRONG!

This is a big one! Stop deluding yourself. If you’re Christian and in a poly-amorous relationship you’re breaking the basic commandments. Same holds true for trying to justify your kinks. Being kinky is ok. Being poly is ok. Being a Christian and talking openly about your Christianity and using it to justify your actions… Yeah. You’re full of shit.

Having a mental illness is a PART of who you are. It’s not what you are. It’s not who you are. Talking about that part of you is a good thing so long as it’s not the main thing you talk share about yourself.

That’s all for now. Perhaps more to come.

9 thoughts on “Things That Irk Me

      1. lmao Exactly why I find her obnoxious! Her cookbooks are better. I was given one years ago.

        Ree is so fake, my husband says she has a face for radio, she’s condescending and her food is just nasty!!! I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to eat anything she cooks. I kinda think people are so fake cuz they’re being paid to be nice about her cooking.


      2. I agree.

        The Nealys were super fake too. I was not surprised they broke up. What I am surprised about is how much I know about food network people 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You and me, both!!! I think my favorite food network personality is Duff. OMG, he’s totally sweet and almost always has something nice to say. The face he makes when taking a bite of cake EVERY TIME is precious! Like a little kid that never loses the excitement


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