My Hiney’s Clean… It’s DADDY Clean!

This commercial has always held a special place in our home. If nothing else, the humor of the lyrics and the bears. Then i started singing the song to Daddy and wriggling my bottom at Him. *wink, wink* Daddy LOVES my botoom!! Recently a new kink has developed in our relationship giving the song new lyrics and a whole new meaning. *kissy face*

This one’s for You, Daddy! *wriggle, wriggle*

12 thoughts on “My Hiney’s Clean… It’s DADDY Clean!

      1. Sounds like fun!!!! Both parts. I stained my brothers deck years ago and enjoyed every moment of it. I love stuff like that.

        I’m good today! Hanging around the house doing some clean up. Mostly typical stuff that’s fallen behind schedule. The weather is gorgeous!!! Doors are all open. Nice and relaxed. Enjoying a nice evening with Daddy at work. lol 🙂 I love Him to bits but the time apart is needed now and then. I’m grateful to have His time and the time apart. 😀

        What are you dressing up as tonight?

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