Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Haunting to all my friends out there in CyberSpace. Hope you all have safe and fun celebrations tonight. Looking forward to seeing pictures of all the little ones dressed in their costumes rolling through my feed for the next few days. πŸ™‚

Daddy and i are going HOME today!!!! Just in time to watch a marathon of Horror flicks and snuggle up on our own couch. YAY!!!!

Busy day ahead of us as we head back home to clean up and get our house settled again. Inside our house is pretty much just as we left it, aside from melted, rotten food that had to be thrown away along with dishes, pots & pans, etc. The laundry will be epic, but needn’t all be done today. πŸ˜‰

Fallen trees and widow maker branches are strewn all around outside making it a major tripping hazard. No trick-or-treater’s in my neighborhood this year. I’m rather disappointed by that. We have an elementary school just behind our house and lots of kids in the neighborhood at large. Seeing all of the tiny kids just warms my heart. β™₯

No sexy Halloween costume for me this year. Well, likely not. πŸ˜› Daddy and i bought snuggly onesies last week in preparation for Halloween and winter in general. Daddy got Pete’s Dragon and i got Eeyore. β™₯ Daddy looks fantastic in His Pete’s Dragon outfit. πŸ˜€ i hope He wears it lots!! We’re both loungers and love our comfy clothes at home, so i think He just might.

A little bit of kinky fun was had last night in our hotel room. YESSSS!!! It’s been forever (or it feels that way) since we’ve so much as shared a long kiss. Let’s just say that Daddy has discovered how much He enjoys my bottom. I’ll let your imagination go as it might.

Breakfast time for this kitten. MMMmmmm!!! Hot scrambled eggs and sausage waiting downstairs. Happy Halloween everyone! β™₯

16 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. As it goes I’m spending Christmas in Palm Springs, and New Year in Orange County. Maybe if I can find the right bars I’ll find some women who like to dress like sluts. I like women who like to dress like sluts. β€β€πŸ‘…

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