A Daddy & kitten moment

This afternoon was the first time since we’ve been evacuated that Daddy & i have been able to relax enough and find the time to snuggle up and share the peace that comes from being Daddy & kitten.

He’s been working swings since we’ve been here. Tonight is a graveyard. Today, we ran a few errands to fill the tank up again and get enough food to carry us through another few days. Busy!

After His nap for work tonight, i crawled in bed next to Him and snuggled up as tight as humanly possible. ♥ We watched a little TV before i started slipping into little space. Ohhh… it felt so good!!!

Kisses to the back of His neck. Layed my head on His tummy stroking His fur. ♥ Of all the fur in the world… it’s my very favorite!! 🙂 my head on His tummy always leads to tickles and zerberts to His bellybutton. 😀

We didn’t have much time, but we made it count. A few long, slow kisses. More than a couple of giggles. The world felt right once again…

As always in an emergency, things come up and that feeling ends. Those few moments tonight made the day easier to get through and reminded me of what life for us is like. i needed that so much! The feeling of normal, safe. Where Daddy’s arms are the safest, bestest place in the entire world!!! ♥

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