Is 5:35 am too early for coffee if I didn’t sleep?

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I tried to sleep last night. Really, I did!

I was a good girl and took all my meds, curled up with Daddy and Ruffi for the longest time all snuggled up and relaxing. I closed my eyes, meditated, calmed my whole system down. Yet… sleep wouldn’t come.

The reason isn’t something I caused. From the smoke and extremely toxic air quality, I needed to start Prednisone again… at like 5pm. Yeah… I’ve got energy for DAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’ll give out eventually.

So, while Daddy gets His rest, I think I may go downstairs and grab a cup of coffee. Take Ruffi out for a pit stop. Really quick! Daddy doesn’t want me going outside at all. Poor lil Ruff~Ruff needs to go weeee!

Hope all of you have lovely Sunday. I’ll be back here at some point. Hopefully after I’ve slept…

Hugs, Jodie

4 thoughts on “Is 5:35 am too early for coffee if I didn’t sleep?

    1. Still evacuated. The fires are spreading like crazy, David. I’m absolutely sick. 😦 I went downstairs for coffee and a bite to eat. My husband works at the hotel we’re staying at, so I know most of the staff… at least front desk.

      The overnight girl’s family evacuated while she was at work unsure where they’re going. The day shift girl had to run out of her house at 4am with her baby in arms because she smelled fire in the field behind her house. Got her family settled and came here to work. She’s a nervous wreck!!! Terrified. Away from her little one and her family. I wanted so badly to tell her to go home and I’ll handle things. It’s what I do well. I do emergencies WELL. I can’t.

      So… I sit in this hotel room safe and sound with my husband and puppy dog while others are worried sick about their loved ones and where they’re going to go to be safe while they’re at jobs making sure the rest of us evacuees are safe and have a place to be for now.

      I don’t pray, but I do other things that are equivalent. Pray for us out here, Honey. We need it!!!


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