Saturday In Wild Fire Territory

It’s been a nice morning thus far. Been up just about an hour. Went to bed really early last night, thanks to a migraine brought on by orange juice. First time for everything! I didn’t know it was possible, but my body, a friend and several articles online tell me otherwise. Another food to scratch off the list.

The sky is clear and the air fresh, a delightful change from yesterday. The air quality here was in the “unhealthy” zone. All doors and windows shut and fans going 24/7. The fires in Sonoma county are about 25 miles away from me with more cities getting nearer on the ready to evacuate at any time. Emergency shelters are set up and ready to go. Fortunately, I’m still in the clear. Fingers crossed!

We’ll lose our electricity at home in the next few hours as a precaution to minimize damage. I hate watching the news and reading the paper…always full of bad news. In the current situation, I have no choice but to stay in the know. Safety is an issue.

Just called to check up on a friend who’s like a grandmother to me. She lives even closer to the fires. Her home is thick with smoke, even with all doors and windows closed. We all try to go on with life as usual the best we can, as we wait for power outages and to see if we’re going to be evacuated… hoping that things will be ok.

My desire to leave California hasn’t been stronger than now. Even during the fires in 2017 where 5,000+ homes were lost and many lives. I wanted to leave, but not like this. At this point, I’m really over California and the fires. This is the 3rd year in a row that I’ve had massive fires near my home.

So, I guess… that looking out the window and seeing clear skies and the birds chirping is a fallacy to what’s going on around me. 5 minutes with the door open and I already can’t breathe. *sigh*

Time to take a shower and fix something to eat. Daddy will be up soon. Life goes on.

9 thoughts on “Saturday In Wild Fire Territory

  1. Just thinking of you. I saw that there were mandatory evacuations around where you live. We aren’t close to any fires (at this time), but we are in the dark again. Everyone please do the rain dance!!! I hope you two find somewhere safe to stay.

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    1. Thank you! Glad you’re not impacted beyond electricity. Hope it stays that way, Nora! We evacuated earlier today on an emergency basis. Fortunately we were all prepared. Safe at the moment. Even have power and wifi!!! ♥ Taking advantage of it while I can.

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