Look, Daddy… Punky People!

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“Happy anniversary, Daddy!!!”, arms spread wide for a morning hug and a grin spanning my face. “Happy anniversary, kitten”, hugging me tight to His chest, kissing my forehead. Today is the one year anniversary of Daddy moving out to California to be with me. β™₯

i got up a little before Daddy this morning. Settled at my desk with a couple of coloring pages and my colored pencils. i was half way through the first one when Daddy came downstairs. He was delighted to see my content and relaxed. He asked if the picture was for Him. Of course! The next one was picked special for Daddy. *giggling* Tigger and Pooh Beah deep in thought. Tigger’s orange and olive green and Pooh is purple with a pink shirt. β™₯ i love coloring! i don’t have to follow the rules and pick whatever colors i want!! πŸ˜€

We headed out to breakfast before it got hot in the house. (No electricity again… came back a few hours ago.) Irish Skillets for us both at a great little diner. How can you not get excited about fried potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, fresh corned beef and scallions?! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

A little ways down the street is the town center where there’s the beginnings of a local scarecrow exhibit. i got really excited! Practically bouncing in my seat as we drove closer, “Look, Daddy…… Punky People!!!!” (i couldn’t remember what they were called…) Daddy grinned, laughing a little bit as He grabbed my hand giving it a squeeze. “Daddy loves you, baby!” Daddy always tells me He speaks fluent kitten. *blushing* Later He told me this silly moment made His day. β™₯

We wandered hand-in-hand through 2 little knickknack stores looking at all the pretty things. Daddy asked me if i wanted anything, but i didn’t at the moment. i told Him i was giving Him ideas for Christmas!!! It was pretty hard for us to not take the two little kitty figurines home. πŸ™‚ One of them was a mummy and the other a vampire in it’s cape and fangs. Daddy liked the vampire better and i liked the mummy better. Hard to choose if we had to!!!

Another unplanned clothing shopping trip. πŸ˜‰ Daddy got a nice pair of pants and i picked out 2 long sleeve flannel shirts for Him. β™₯ He looks SOOOOO handsome in them! πŸ™‚ We picked up matching Halloween t~shirts. Yay!!! We’ll take pictures soon. *wrinkling my nose* i talked Daddy into buying us onesies! Daddy got Pete’s Dragon… green with Pete’s wings and tuft of pink hair on top of the hood. OMG!!! β™₯ He looks great in it! He picked out Eeyore for me… complete with tail and bow. i stumbled upon a nice pair of brown suede knee high boots which i practically begged Daddy to get for me. (Honestly, i didn’t have to try very hard!)

Can’t wait for this heatwave to finally break so we can snuggle up in our jammies with popcorn and cocoa. We picked the WRONG day to buy flannels and onesies! *giggles* It was 98*.

Daddy should be waking up from His nap soon. β™₯ Dinner time! Leftover smoked pork, broccoli and mashed taters. mmmmmm! Then? You guessed it…. play time!!!!

4 thoughts on “Look, Daddy… Punky People!

    1. There were two! GRRRR! The one at Annadel was less than 5 miles away. They put that one out immediately. Geyeserville 25 miles away.

      We’re set to lose power again tomorrow!!! 😦 This is getting really old. Hope you guys are safe where you are. I can’t wait to get out of California….


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