On the heels of darkness: A Rant

Just a couple weeks ago we faced the largest planned power outage in California history. Today we got the call again that we’re in the shut off area for a potential outage coming this Wednesday based on the National Weather Service alerting our area as a fire hazard. So far, no red flag, due Tuesday night or Wednesday if it’s coming. Once that red flag comes, we’re set for another massive outage across our county and 11 others!!!

I lived here in Sonoma County during the 2017 Wildfires. It was horrific! More than 5,000 homes lost in a matter of days. We’re still rebuilding and suffering the mental, emotional and financial loss caused by the destruction. No one wants another fire!!! There has to be a better option than putting us in a state of fear and anxiety all over again each time we get windy days and a bit of heat in October!!! That’s the standard weather in October! Are we to live in constant fear for the entire month every year?

There were injuries and deaths directly caused by the power outage! PG&E is being held under a microscope at this point by everyone from the state Governor down to the local Mayors and certainly all of us that are subject to their services. There isn’t another option for gas or electricity here unless you have solar or another alternative source.

The article below is from today’s issue of The Press Democrat. It’s our local newspaper. I found it rather well stated. The outrage and contempt are obvious across the board.


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