A Day of Smiles and Rants

Daddy and i woke up happy this morning! His day off. Well.. mostly. He works the graveyard tonight, but basically He’s off. We had a nice day planned, including a play session. Everything went sideways once we walked out our front door.

Off to the bank to cash the check we got from the insurance company last Friday… to be told a third time (yes… a THIRD) that the funds hadn’t been released. We’ve been trying to simply cash a check since Friday afternoon. So not ok!!! Headed right over to the agent’s office and raised a bit of Hell. Turned in more receipts and let the agent know that the corporate company is dragging their feet and not doing their job…. again. Nothing new there!

Anyhow, our plan to get lunch at a totally gluten free spot was thwarted by our 2 hour insurance snarled mess. Over hungry and irritated isn’t a good thing for Daddy and kitten!!!

Headed down to our appointment with the cabinet guy to pick our new cabinets and counter tops. What a fun experience that was!!!! He has a beautiful selection. β™₯ From the moment i walked into the showroom i knew the cabinets i want. *squealing with excitement* They’re cream in a traditional Shaker raised door design. It will stunning against my teal walls. Here’s a picture of the samples the guy sent home with us.

Hard to see in a picture, but the granite has hints of blue and grey. Gorgeous!

i’m typically a bit slow to decide what i want in major purchases like this. Mostly because there are so many choices. lol This time my eye went right to all the components without any hesitation. Daddy loved it all, too. As we were walking out He told me i have a “great eye”. πŸ˜‰ Yup, i have to agree!!! Soon we’ll be picking floors, too. YAY!!! There was a hardwood laminate before the house was destroyed by water. Gotta say, the picking out what i want part of this is really fun!!! β™₯

Now, it was 90* here today. Late October and it’s still 90*. lol Daddy wasn’t pleased. He’s an East Coaster…. it’s practically freezing there by now. i’m running around in a mini skirt and t-shirt still. Somedays anyway. Now, we’re both HOT, hungry and stressed about the insurance debacle. i was about to start getting whiny from starvation. 2pm is too late for this little girl to go without food!!!

Driving back from the cabinet place, i spotted a BBQ joint. All thoughts of trying to find that other place were gone. The Jaded Toad it was. OMG it was good! We shared a plate of smoked tritip smothered in sauteed mushrooms & onions and melted swiss cheese. Came with 2 side dishes, so we doubled up on the fries. *giggling* Who wouldn’t want extra fries? We were sharing the plate afterall…. His and hers. ;P Scrumptious lunch!

We were just about all settled down, but the edge was still there when we walked in the front door. Guess what was waiting for us? Two things. The first…. the bill for the next quarterly installment on the home insurance!! LMFAO!! Daddy heard my maniacal laugh from upstairs as i opened it. He was extremely curious as to what got that laugh. i thought He was going to fall down the last couple stairs laughing when i told Him. That started the stress fest all over again…. for only a few minutes.

The second? The copy of Penny Berry’s newest book i won in her birthday giveaway!!! β™₯β™₯β™₯ i’d been looking forward to getting it. The timing couldn’t have been more purrrrfect!!! i ripped the package open and started reading through the activities. OMG!!! Next thing you know…. Daddy & i were giggling and having a great time. β™₯ Gotta say… if you’re a little and have a Daddy…. BUY HER BOOK!!!! Even if you don’t have a Daddy or Caregiver… the activities are fun.


We looked through all of the activities and played more than a few for a little bit. πŸ˜‰ i’m trying to get Daddy to take a Dare so i can get Him in one of my little outfits! *giggles* He thinks it’s my unicorn jammies. How wrong He is!!!! β™₯ πŸ˜‰ C’mon Daddy… take my dare. i double dare Ya!! πŸ˜‰

We had our ups and downs, but overall… a nice day. No play session today. Just not enough hours in the day. Our weekend is coming up soon. Wednesday and Thursday will be here before we know it! β™₯

i had a giant box of stuff to go in the trash/recycling. As i started emptying it, i decided against getting rid of the professional sized roll of plastic wrap in a pretty shade of green. Daddy took one look at it as i dragged it back inside. A giant smile spread across His face. “Shall i, Daddy?” with a wry grin. Nothing else needed to be said. He was on His feet helping me with this huge roll. (Heavy bugger!!!) Clothes stripped off in the middle of the living room floor. Round ‘n’ round Daddy went, wrapping me up tight. No arms this time. Daddy’d never done Saran Wrap before. Wasn’t sure how He’d like it. There i was tightly wrapped in green plastic wrap mini dress that was totally see through. As He stepped back i knew He liked this!!! β™₯ i do, too! Was the first fetish/kink thing i tried many many many years ago. Makes me feel sexy. He stood behind me wrapping His arms around me tightly, stroking my tight wrapped body. Moans, growls…. i was delighted!!! Daddy told me next time… arms in!! i think i like that idea…. He says He has ideas for what to do with me all bound to my thighs. A little hesitant to be that bound… but hesitant in that good way we know so well. πŸ˜‰

Hopefully more of that soon!!! He cut me out of it a few moments later. Sweaty!!! Time to make His lunch for work before He wakes up.

G’nite, friends. πŸ˜‰

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