Making a custom lamp shade

I’ve had a wild hair for ages to cover a lamp shade. I’ve had a general idea how, but tonight I’m putting theory into practice.

I took the old fabric off a shade I had saved in my craft closet a couple hours ago. It was covered just how I hoped it is! Strips of fabric wrapped around a metal frame.

My initial thought was yarn. I have an abundance of yarn. I got about 3 wraps around and saw that it’s a huge project for a standard 4 ply yarn. I’d be at it til I’m old and grey. 😉 Yarn went back in the cupboard and I returned to the drawing board.

Fabric. Now, I’ve been packing up our house a bit at a time and used most of my fabric to pack our good china. Makes sense, right?! I had a single lace curtain panel hanging in the closet waiting for some place or reason to use it. It’s quite pretty, but only one panel. Guess what I’m using for my lamp shade? Yes… this lace curtain panel has been cut into strips to begin the process of covering this old metal frame.

A trial go has been done to see how it looks and if I have enough. Sure enough!!! It’s going to be really pretty. As far as the perfect job on first time, I doubt it, but it’ll still be presentable. (I’m too much of a perfectionist for it not to be!)

Heading off to get my glue gun and a needle and thread to start the process of basting the strips together into one long one and sealing the edges on the lace so they’re neat and don’t fray.

Wish my camera was working! I’d love to be taking pictures of this process for those who may want to join me in the fun of a new trial and error craft project. I’ll at least get a picture of the final project if it kills me!!!

More later…


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